About LDPC

Who We Are

What is the mission of LDPC?

Our mission is to provide the General Assembly with information technology services that are secure, cost-effective, and productive. This will increase the accessibility of information and improve the efficiency of the legislative process.

What are the key responsibilities of LDPC?

Created by the act of December 10, 1968 ( P.L.1158, No. 365 ), the purpose of the agency is to establish and operate computer systems capable of storing and retrieving all of the financial, factual, procedural and legal information necessary to serve all of the committees, officers and agencies of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

We strive to provide outstanding, bi-partisan, operational and technical support to the entire Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Who oversees LDPC?

Oversight is provided by a Legislative Data Processing Committee consisting of four members of the House of Representatives, four members of the Pennsylvania Senate, the Secretary of the Senate, and the House Parliamentarian. Daily responsibilities are handled by the Executive Director.

Where can I make a request for legislative records from LDPC?

To make an official Right-To-Know request for legislative records from the LDPC, your request needs to be in writing (postal mail, fax, or email) in order to pursue the relief and remedies provided for in the RTKL.

Our Team

Name Position
Brent McClintock
Executive Director
James Fox
IT Service Delivery Lead
Thomas Bainbridge
Applications Systems Specialist
Jill Berry
Micro Support Specialist
Jordan Hess
Micro Support Specialist
Lisa Kelley
Kye Kwon
Distributed Systems Specialist
Carl McLaughlin
Distributed Systems Specialist
Denise Plummer
Assistant Controller / Administrative Assistant
Charles Roberts
Distributed Systems Specialist
Jonathan Spinney
Information Security Officer
Joshua Woods
Distributed Systems Specialist
Trey Yetter
Distributed Systems Specialist
Name Position
Kelly Lehman
Administrative Applications Supervisor
Kathleen Fisher
Lead Financial Applications Developer
Denis Alampiev
Administrative Applications Developer
Jarett Cummings
Administrative Applications Developer
Julia Spilker
Data Analyst
Luan Tran
Administrative Applications Developer
Carol Zeigler
Payroll / HR Analyst
Name Position
Name Position
Jason Tully
Legislative Applications Supervisor
Shane Bordner
Legislative Applications Developer
Lee Knoll
Senior Legislative Applications Developer
Kenneth Mitton
Legislative Applications Developer
James Ringler
Computer Programmer I
Eric Robertson
Legislative Applications Developer
Tracey Shambach
Applications Support Analyst
Matthew Storper
Computer Programmer I